RFID Blocking Card

RFID Blocking Card

The increasing RFID technology convenience brings with it increasing crime. We need to take responsibility and protect our identity and data. This leaves one good option: Using RFID blocking card and place inside your existing wallet. This allows you to use your RFID cards as normal without any extra hassle, whilst keeping your cards 100% secure.

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Product Description

How does RFID Blocking/Shield Card work?
RFID Blocking Card is composed of a circut board that disrupts the scanner from reading the RFID signals. There are outside and inside coating that is not rigid, so the card is very flexible.

Keep Your Data Safe
With RFID Blocking Card innovative circuit board interior, you can be sure that your card numbers, address, and other critical personal information is safe from nearby Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) scanners.

The blocking card/shield card needs no battery. It draws energy from the scanner to power up and instantly creates an E-Field, a surround electronic field making all 13.56mhz cards invisible to the scanner. Once the scanner is out of range the blocking card/shield card de-powers.

Simply carry this blocking card/shield card in your wallet and money clip and all 13.56mhz cards within range of its E-Field will be protected.

RFID Blocking Card Specifications:

Material PVC + Blocking Module or PVC + Blocking Fabric
Size 85.5x54mm
Thickness 0.86mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm
Surface Glossy/Matted/Frosted
Printing CMYK Offset Printing, Silk Screen Printing
Packing In bulk or Blister or Gift Cardboard Pack
MOQ 500pcs
Application Protect personal information of Credit card, Passport, ID card, etc.

Advantages for RFID blocking Card:

1. SECURITY: RFID Blocking Card is powered by E-Field technology, which jams and scrambles RFID \ NFC signals, protecting your personal information from unauthorized scans.

2. EFFECTIVE: One RFID blocking card protector does it all to protect all the cards in your wallet. No double cards required !

3. EFFICIENT: Simply slide the RFID blocking card in your wallet for instant protection to all of your cards.

4. COMPACT: Credit card protector fits snugly in your wallet or purse for ultimate space-saving.

For further information, please contact us at sales@tp-rfid.com

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