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If you are looking for a RFID products manufacturer or solutions provider with the latest technology and abundant resources to help your business growth, or if you are trying to find a trusted and reliable partner in the RFID field, please just come to us! Our experience, professionals, strict quality control procedures ensure that the products you get are only excellent and prefect ones!

With its huge production capacity, TP-RFID currently produces millions of cards for customers from large shopping malls in London and Paris and small local shops in Bangkok and Djakarta. We are able to supply and serve you anywhere on earth.

With its innovative RFID solutions, TP-RFID supplies contact and contactless smart card for hotels, bus companies, metro stations; and solutions for concert in the Netherlands and school RFID management projects in the United States.


Our Advanced Equipment

Through many years’ development, we have brought in international production lines from advanced countries, including Hideberger Printing Machine, automatic lamination system, non-contact coil implant system with high accuracy, high efficient contact chip integrated packaging system, and personal data processing system such as embossing and tipping, thermal printing and laser printing. Our monthly production reaches 20,000,000pcs.


Quality Control

There are more than 30 times testing from feeding material to packing. We have camera with high resolution to check the surface of the cards; As for function, there is special equipment to test not only all sectors and also the reading distance; The durability, the material is been twisting from all direction for more than 1000 times; We use the thermal shock box and light tester to do the ultimate test,ensure the product is perfect without any failure.

Recommended Items

  • MIFARE Classic® EV1 1K Card

    MIFARE Classic® is one of NXP’s recognised brands for contactless IC’s. Mifare Classic® EV1 operates at 13.56 MHz and benefits from 1KB EEPROM and offers a typical read/write distance of 10 cm (4 inch) which can be used in over 40 different types of applications worldwide. Typical applications include access control, identity, loyalty, public transport and events to name but a few. Mifare Classic® EV1 is fully ISO/IEC14443Type A 1-3 compliant. By default we are selling 4-byte UID cards. If you need cards with 7 byte identifiers or 4 byte non-unique identifier (4B NUID) please contact us.

  • NTAG213 Silicone Wristband

    Silicone Wristband tag is incorporated with silicone and RFID laundry tag that equips to be used in water or high temperature environment. Furthermore, silicone wristband tag with RFID tech is allowed to integrate the different Service providing in Water Park, Cruise, Swimming Pool, Sauna, SPA Hotel and so on. TP-RFID focused on manufacturing a variety of silicone RFID wristband which including 125khz RFID wristband and 13.56mhz RFID wristband.

  • RFID Blocking Card

    The increasing RFID technology convenience brings with it increasing crime. We need to take responsibility and protect our identity and data. This leaves one good option: Using RFID blocking card and place inside your existing wallet. This allows you to use your RFID cards as normal without any extra hassle, whilst keeping your cards 100% secure.

  • RFID Epoxy Keyfob

    RFID epoxy keyfob is a great little device that allows for full RFID functionality as well as looking incredibly stylish. Another benefit for this product is the fact that it has a tough epoxy covering, making it highly durable and hard-wearing. And is widely used for loyalty system,promotion and so on.

  • RFID Smart Card Inlay Prelam Sheet

    RFID prelam sheet provides card manufacturers with a durable and convenient solution for the manufacture of finished cards. prelam stands for pre-laminated. This means fusing together single layers under pressure and high temperature in special lamination press machinery after the electronic parts have been embedded into the carrier material and assembled.

  • RFID Waste Bin Worm Tag

    RFID Waste Bin Tag (30mm in diameter) can be screwed onto the specific area of the waste bin and provide it with the so-called unique identification number (UID). When the waste truck, equipped with the RFID interrogator, does the collection, it records and deducts the deposited amount which users pay for the service.we offer LF, HF, UHF chips for your different application.

  • RFID Wooden Card

    RFID wooden cards are not only the greenest option when it comes to sustainability, they also provide a unique aesthetic that is sure to impress your hotel’s guests. Wood cards are durable, reusable, and they all come with our %100 Performance Guarantee.

  • Salto Cards

    Since early 2001, Salto has supplied a unique range of contactless access control cards for access control. Salto credentials provide a higher level of security than traditional mechanical key management. Our current range of contactless cards are CR80 size (86 x 54mm), operate at 13.56 MHz, and use Salto’s encryption method for advanced security.

  • Textile RFID UHF Laundry Tag

    Textile RFID UHF Laundry Tag is especially suitable for clothing and linen industrial washing, which can withstand180 degrees high temperature ironing, 56 bar pressure resistance, and industrial washing resistance for more than 200 times.

    100% function tested by Voyantic Performance Tester.

    100% EPC and User memory checked.

  • UHF Anti-metal PCB RFID Tag

  • VingCard Cards

  • Woven RFID Wristband

    TP-RFID offers RFID woven wristbands that are comfortable and durable. They are equipped with a slider for a one-size-fits-all capability. They also can come equipped with your logo, as well as a choice from one of our many color offerings. Our RFID woven wristbands are ideal for event management, cashless payments, and social media marketing programs.

Why Us?

As one of the most experienced and leading manufacturer in the cards and RFID products field, TP-RFID is always your primary choice.

The reasons
1. TP-RFID understand our customers’ needs better based on its extensive experience in the plastic cards, RFID cards and other RFID material and products fields;
2. TP-RFID provides customers with high quality and low price products unmatched by other manufacturers of the same level;
3. TP-RFID has many specialists in these fields to take care of your needs, and these specialists are supported by a number of sales persons who are with high level of language skills and are constantly trained to understand customers’ requirements better.

“TP-RFID is providing one-stop services to cater for different customer needs. The services include graphic design, production, inspection, packaging and logistic, etc. Our teams are determined to dedicate our every endeavor and industry knowledge to serve you better. We believe our speedy service and highest quality can ensure customers satisfaction, and together, we can work towards a better future.”

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