RFID Technology in Museums and Galleries

Museums and galleries treasures numerous high value masterpieces which are very important and indispensable part of our history and tradition. Some of these works are displayed for temporary, and some are loaned from other other museums, or donated privately. In their lifetime, they could be displayed, sold, loaned, repaired, stored. And it is very necessary to store these works in right environment and look after very carefully. RFID in museum records all information to these antiques, like description, collection [...]

How to Choose RFID UHF Inlays for Retailer & Apparel?

The use of RFID technology in retail is growing rapidly. The selection of RFID INLAY is one of the first stages of planning an RFID retail project and is one of the most time-consuming due to the large number of UHF INLAY options available. Fortunately, over the past few years, the RFID standard has evolved with the development of technology, making the choice of RFID UHF inlay easier. Based on the RFID project I recently worked on, here are some [...]

RFID Technology Improves in Fixed Asset Management & Warehouse Inventory

Nowadays, more and more fixed assets of companies need to be tracked. Base on RFID Technology of fixed asset management system, uses various types of tags to identify different assets, and stores asset data in tags or systems as needed to achieve full life cycle management of assets such as storage, inventory, Match the accounts and the items, and greatly improve the efficiency of asset counting. TP-RFID have involved RFID field for 10+ years. We can provide a complete [...]

How to pick right RFID laundry tags?

The uniform companies, medical facilities, hotels and commercial laundry companies can track uniforms, clothes, linen automatically and accurately by RFID. These washable RFID tags enhance inventory management and accounting practices. Furthermore, applying the RFID laundry tags on the A+A/PPE is very helpful to personnel identification and tracking. LF and HF RFID laundry tags are increasing being supplemented by UHF laundry tag, especially the woven UHF laundry tag, due to its long reading distance, group reading and price advantage. These waterproof [...]

Detailed Introduction of RFID UHF Metal Tag IP68 Solution

The RFID UHF metal tag ip68 system utilizes the principle of radar reflection. The reader sends a microwave inquiry signal to the electronic tag through the antenna. The RFID UHF metal tag ip68 is activated by the microwave energy of the reader, and after receiving the microwave signal, it responds and sends an echo signal with the tag data information. . The basic feature of radio frequency identification technology is to use radio technology to identify stationary or moving [...]

How to Make Your Own RFID Tag and Encode It?

The articles tell you how to make your own RFID tag and encode in an easy way. RFID is short for “Radio Frequency Identification”. RFID Tag also known as proximity cards, contactless cards, and electronic tags. Most RFID systems are made up of the same components. Basically can be divided into: readers, antennas, electronic tags. And programming RFID tags, you only need an electronic tag and a handheld reader. how to make your own RFID tag? It is easy to get an RFID [...]

RFID Jewelry Tag Management System Solution

Why does the jewelry industry need RFID Jewelry Tag management solutions? 1. The jewelry industry has unique industry characteristics, such as expensive material products, small production scale, and special management methods. RFID Jewelry Tag can manage the jewelry and help to complete the company’s digital analysis of the market acceptance of various products. 2. The storage efficiency of the previous program barcode is low, the information cannot be added, the damage is easy, and the reading position requirement is [...]

What are the Successful NFC Advertising Panel ?

As the most basic skill of NFC tag, tag information acquisition and interaction is more convenient and fast than QR code. The advertising labels on the billboards are now in vogue. NFC Advertising Panel have attracted more and more attention from advertisers because of their novel interactive ways. Here are three NFC applications on public billboards. Clear channel promotes NFC through billboards in the UK In the UK, there are 10000 billboards with NFC labels. In order to promote the application of [...]

RFID and Warehouses

RFID technology has taken off big time in the retail space in the last few years. Some of the biggest brands in the world, such as Target, Macy’s, and Kohl’s rely on RFID tags in their inventory to improve their supply chain. Retailers want to make sure their selling floors are stocked with the right inventory, and ensure what is sold online, is available in-store and vice-versa. The buzzword for this is omnichannel retail. In reality, it’s simply keeping up [...]

RFID Antenna Detailed Analysis

RFID antenna in RFID system: From the principle of RFID technology, the key to the performance of RFID tags lies in the characteristics and performance of RFID Antenna. In tag and reader data. The key role in the communication process is the RFID Antenna. On the one hand, the chip start circuit of the tag starts to work and needs to be generated by the RFID antenna in the reader. Sufficient energy is obtained in the electromagnetic field; on [...]