RFID Technology in Museums and Galleries

Museums and galleries treasures numerous high value masterpieces which are very important and indispensable part of our history and tradition. Some of these works are displayed for temporary, and some are loaned from other other museums, or donated privately. In their lifetime, they could be displayed, sold, loaned, repaired, stored. And it is very necessary to store these works in right environment and look after very carefully. RFID in museum records all information to these antiques, like description, collection [...]

Detailed Introduction of RFID UHF Metal Tag IP68 Solution

The RFID UHF metal tag ip68 system utilizes the principle of radar reflection. The reader sends a microwave inquiry signal to the electronic tag through the antenna. The RFID UHF metal tag ip68 is activated by the microwave energy of the reader, and after receiving the microwave signal, it responds and sends an echo signal with the tag data information. . The basic feature of radio frequency identification technology is to use radio technology to identify stationary or moving [...]

How to Make Your Own RFID Tag and Encode It?

The articles tell you how to make your own RFID tag and encode in an easy way. RFID is short for “Radio Frequency Identification”. RFID Tag also known as proximity cards, contactless cards, and electronic tags. Most RFID systems are made up of the same components. Basically can be divided into: readers, antennas, electronic tags. And programming RFID tags, you only need an electronic tag and a handheld reader. how to make your own RFID tag? It is easy to get an RFID [...]

RFID Jewelry Tag Management System Solution

Why does the jewelry industry need RFID Jewelry Tag management solutions? 1. The jewelry industry has unique industry characteristics, such as expensive material products, small production scale, and special management methods. RFID Jewelry Tag can manage the jewelry and help to complete the company’s digital analysis of the market acceptance of various products. 2. The storage efficiency of the previous program barcode is low, the information cannot be added, the damage is easy, and the reading position requirement is [...]

What are the Successful NFC Advertising Panel ?

As the most basic skill of NFC tag, tag information acquisition and interaction is more convenient and fast than QR code. The advertising labels on the billboards are now in vogue. NFC Advertising Panel have attracted more and more attention from advertisers because of their novel interactive ways. Here are three NFC applications on public billboards. Clear channel promotes NFC through billboards in the UK In the UK, there are 10000 billboards with NFC labels. In order to promote the application of [...]

RFID Antenna Detailed Analysis

RFID antenna in RFID system: From the principle of RFID technology, the key to the performance of RFID tags lies in the characteristics and performance of RFID Antenna. In tag and reader data. The key role in the communication process is the RFID Antenna. On the one hand, the chip start circuit of the tag starts to work and needs to be generated by the RFID antenna in the reader. Sufficient energy is obtained in the electromagnetic field; on [...]

Why use Rugged RFID Tag in Warehouses?

Using rugged RFID tag in warehouse management can check and count assets, accounts and cards in real time, and print reports periodically, so as to improve the existing inventory management mode, improve management level, reduce work intensity, locate and track enterprise assets in advance, and help enterprises realize assets and books. Consistently, a set of advanced, standardized and optimized management mechanism should be established for enterprises to help enterprises minimize operating costs and risks, thereby improving the utilization rate [...]

134.2KHz LF RFID Ear Tag for Animal Lifecycle Tracking

TP-RFID’s Livestock Ear Tag ( also called Animal Ear Tag ) has been successfully mass applied in PIG (Boar / Swine) livestock management ( rfid animal tracking system) as electronic animal ID by many PIG (Boar / Swine) farms in USA, Europe, etc. During these years, through many experiments and real running projects with system Integrator, TP-RFID’s livestock ear tag, used 134.2KHz EM chip of EM4105 / EM4569 (Successor is EM4200 / EM4305), has been demonstrated the extremely high reliability [...]

RFID Technology: The Future for Retails

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology which is used widely across many sectors. It has a multitude of applications that bring many benefits to businesses and their customers. In this post, we’re going to focus on how RFID is playing an important role in modernising the retail sector. We’ll explain what it is, how it works and how RFID can benefit those in the retail industry. What is RFID? In some ways, RFID can be seen as similar to a bar [...]